Detergent Making Machine

Circular valve or plum-bloom disengagement valve are given in our Detergent Making Machines. The valve drive can be partitioned into manual, electric and pneumatic controls, for example, operator stations, variable frequency drivers and motor starters are accessible. Blender can be outfitted with cooling or heating coat when temperature control is demanded and splash spouts for fluid introduction are provided. The blender drive the material via two closures to focus through the assistance of the external strip, while the internal lace of our Detergent Making Machines push the material from focus to two finishes, along these lines, material accomplish a high blending impact at brief time.

Key Features:
  • Basic structure fit as a fiddle, simple in establishment and support
  • Embracing propelled world celebrated brand segments in pneumatic parts, motor, etc.
  • Hermetic seals are received on the two sides of our lace blender
  • Pneumatic valve is received to release material
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Washing Powder Plant Detergent Powder Making Machine

Price: 200000.00 - 1000000.00 USD ($)/Set

The "high tower spray" production device is used. The product has a specific gravity of 0.25 to 0.50 g/cm3. The product has good particle and component uniformity, good solubility and stable quality.

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Liquid detergent making machine

Price: 200000.00 - 1000000.00 USD ($)/Set

The liquid detergent production line can be used to produce liquid detergent for civil and industrial use, such as dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, shampoo,

Product Image (MB-1)

Washing powder plant

Price: 200000.00 - 1000000.00 USD ($)/Set

Detergent powder plant is mainly composed of pre mixing and slurry preparation section, powder drying & shaping system, post blending & packing system, workshop dedusting system, control system,etc

Product Image (01)

Spray Tower Detergent Powder Making Machine

Price: 200000.00 - 1000000.00 USD ($)/Set

Spray tower detergent powder production system is mainly composed of pre mixing and slurry preparation section, powder drying & shaping system, post blending & packing system, workshop dedusting system, control system,etc

Product Image (01)

Ecofriendly Detergent Powder Production Line

Price: 3000000 USD ($)/Set

Engineered cleansers, which are otherwise called syndets, were created in our EcoFriendly Detergent Powder Production Line to beat the troubles confronted while utilizing cleanser as a cleaning specialist. Cleansers when utilized as a part of hard water encourage the magnesium and calcium salts, because of which it is adequacy as a cleaning specialist falls apart.

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Liquid Detergent Making Machine

Price: 150000 USD ($)/Set

The Liquid Detergent Making Machine capacities are programmed to limit the quantity of important administrators. All activities are controlled and directed by cutting edge PLC framework and different neighborhood control boards, managing the plant in agreement to detail the coveted formulas.

Product Image (11)

Hand Sanitizer Production Line

Price: 150000 USD ($)/Set

In our Hand Sanitizer Production Line, powdered high thickness base powder is moved into the liquid bed, where in the main stage surpassing water is dissipated by hot air. In the second stage, granulated powder is chilled off to a temperature of max. 10C greater than encompassing temperature by methods for cooling air fan.

Product Image (14)

Cosmetic manufacturing production line Ginger washing line

Price: 300000 USD ($)/Set

We are manufacturer mainly in home&care industry with a history of more than ten years. 1.we provides complete design and equipment supply of daily chemical production line, drying production line, workshop environment purification system 2. we have successfully designed and supported such production line as detergent powder, liquid detergent, wet-type sodium silicate, solid sodium silicate, quartz sand drying, calcium hydrogen phosphate drying, desulfurization gypsum drying for many companies at home and abroad. 3.Based on users needs, we can provide planning and design of complete production line, detergent powder output capacity at 5000-250000 tons p.a. and liquid detergent output capacity at 5000-250000tons p.a. 4.The configuration process from simple manual operation to central computer centralized control automatically. 5.We also provide technical consultation and reconstruction services of old lines

Product Image (20)

Solid and Liquid Water Glass Making Plant

Price: 150000 USD ($)/Set

Cash setting aside to 30% on the hardware thinking about a similar creation limit is what our Industrial Sodium Silicate Making Plant/ Solid Liquid Water Glass provides. Significant lessening of power utilizations and expenses, since the plant does not require the readiness of slurry; thus, there is no dissipation of water.

Product Image (05)

New Detergent Powder Manufacturing Line

Price: 3000000 USD ($)/Set

The balance response in our New Detergent Powder Manufacturing Line, happening between direct alkyl benzene sulphonic corrosive and acidic pop, prompts the generation of the supposed "Active Matter". It happens in a mixed reactor, wherein weakened scathing pop and sulphonic corrosive are the initial two material to be charged.

Product Image (02)

Washing Powder Making Machine

Price: 100000 USD ($)/Set

The reactors of our Washing Powder Making Machine are outfitted with multi-impellers fomenters, composed with the double capacity of advancing blending and averting frothing. Profound and finish blending is likewise accomplished by recycling outside of the reactor a set stream rate of the item.

Product Image (07)

Liquid Solid Sodium Silicate Production Line

Price: 150000 USD ($)/Set

Reactors are accessible in various sizes, while single or a few generation lines can be anticipated so coordinating any plant limit esteem. Coordinated innovation of our Liquid Solid Sodium Silicate Production Line permits to process an extensive variety of materials.

Product Image (06)

Turnkey Solution for Detergent Powder Production Line

Price: 3000000 USD ($)/Set

The entire Turnkey Solution For Detergent Powder Production Line includes just two substance wonders, which are the balance response and the item buffering. Every single other advances are physical compose and managing profound blending tasks.

Product Image (08)

Industrial chemical Dosing Tank with agitator for detergent production line

Price: 100000 USD ($)/Set

The limit of our Industrial Chemical Dosing Tank With Agitator For Detergent Production Line is specifically identified with the reactor volume, to the quantity of reactors introduced and to the item formula, which, in its turn, decides the term of every generation cluster.

Product Image (12)

Detergent Powder Manufacturing Plant

Price: 300000 USD ($)/Set

Offered Washing Powder Manufacturing Line Detergent Washing Line Hole Line finds wide usage just in dish washing and light family unit cleaning (janitoring). Low duty cleansers are created in spout towers with either counter-current or co-current stream.

Product Image (13)

Washing powder line premixing system Main equipment

Price: 300000 USD ($)/Set

Premixing of strong crude materials in our Washing Powder Line-Pre Mixing System Main Equipment is a cluster savvy process, completed by methods for measuring framework, blender and powders passing on gear. Premixed powders are dosed and nourished to granulation by methods for a dosing transport, while fluid crude materials dosing is performed through dosing pumps.

Product Image (15)

Washing Powder Soap Production Line Machine

Price: 300000 USD ($)/Set

As high a strong substance as conceivable is utilized (50 - 65%) in provided Washing Powder Production Line/ Soap Production Line/ Liquid Detergent Line to give the ideal powder mass thickness and best financial utilization of the splash dryer.

Product Image (16)

Washing line for powder detergent Washing powder

Price: 300000 USD ($)/Set

The frameworks of our Washing Line for Powder Detergent and Washing Powder guarantee the correct planning method which enhances the nature of the last dried cleanser powder. Exact measuring/metering, blending, homogenizing and de-air circulation happen before splash drying.

Product Image (17)

Industrial Sodium Silicate Plant

Price: 150000 USD ($)/Set

The coarse powder granules in dot frame are free-streaming, non-dusty and promptly break down in water in our New Detergent Powder Manufacturing Line/ Industrial Sodium Silicate Plan. Timeframe of realistic usability is incredible, with no propensity to insecurity or lumping. In addition, feed can be planned batch wise or consistently.

Product Image (18)

sodium Silicate line Detergent manufacturing line Washing powder line

Price: 300000 USD ($)/Set

Sodium Silicate Line/ Detergent Manufacturing Line/ Washing Powder Lines are homogenized and fine-separated before going to spouts working at high weight. Hot air from coordinate terminated air radiators enters at the base of the tube shaped piece of the pinnacle with slight revolving movement. The fumes air is drawn from the highest point of the pinnacle.

Product Image (19)

Washing Powder Production Line

Price: 300000 USD ($)/Set

The dried cleanser powder is pneumatically passed on from the Splash Dryer to the item storehouses in the wake of sieving. Here separated barometrical air of our Washing Powder Line/ Washing Powder Production Line is utilized as the cooling and passing on media. Thick stage passing on frameworks is typically favored.

Product Image (09)

Detergent Powder Making Plant

Price: 200000.00 - 1000000.00 USD ($)/Set

The innovation of our Industrial Sodium Silicate Plant permits the creation of any sort of fluid cleanser within the scope of sorts and solutions required for family unit and individual care business items. The manufacturing procedure depends on batch-wise tasks.

Product Image (21)

Solid Sodium Silicate Plant

Price: 1000000 USD ($)/Set

Exhaust high productivity violent winds/pack houses are utilized in our Solid Sodium Silicate Making Plant to control emanations and amplify item recuperation are a piece of the splash drying plant. Our organization offers remain solitary splash drying plants on turnkey premise.

Product Image (04)

Rotary Mixer

Price: 100000 USD ($)/Set

The Rotary Mixer is a snappy, effective, and the perfect delicate mechanical blender with a low speed and no moving parts inside the drum. These blenders are utilized everywhere throughout the world for tea mixing, frequently with discretionary shower bar for fluid augmentations.

Product Image (22)

Spray Tower Detergent Powder Production Line

Price: 300000 USD ($)/Set

Free streaming, non dusty, non solidifying cleanser items in dot shape are delivered by Splash drying for the most part in counter current stream utilizing weight spout atomization. Inlet temperatures of our Spray Tower Detergent Powder Production Line differ as per item and temperatures are utilized for a few cleansers.

Product Image (03)

Liquid Detergent Making Machine

Price: 150000 USD ($)/Set

The measure of crude materials required by the everyday manufacturing in our Washing Powder Production Line Liquid Detergent Line Direct Manufacturer are admirably put away into devoted day by day vessels situated close, and regularly finished, the reactors.


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